Hammond and Co. (Gloucester)

When you started in business you didn't expect that it would be paperwork upon paperwork and company compliance after company compliance did you?

When anyone starts a business they don't expect to be bookkeeping, completing accounts, record keeping and filing documents at companies house. But the sad fact is that most of our time goes on HMRC compliance and record keeping.

Before we know it our time has been used up on the mundane tasks of accounting or preparing that VAT return, or running the last minute payroll.

When you started your business you had one goal in mind, to make a profit and gain not only financial freedom, but the freedom to spend time with your family, but accounting and company compliance put pay to that.

Why not let Hammond and Co. (Gloucester) take away the burden and free up your valuable time? You don't even have to visit our office or leave yours to benefit from our services.


"Let us remove your Accounting burden, then you can get on with running your business."